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Coach Gardner, Head Coach, PV Sea King FootballI believe your son will benefit in many ways from playing in our program. High school football is a very unique experience. These young men will create memories that will last a lifetime. They will understand what it means to be part of a team, learning responsibility, accountability, and dependability, which will help them be successful throughout their lives. They will also learn discipline, loyalty, leadership, toughness, compassion, and self-worth. I believe each student plays a crucial role in the team’s success. Your son will understand that their approach in the classroom is key to any success we have on the field. Their work will be challenging, yet with the appropriate amount of fun. We will demand the athlete’s best effort, just as he would expect from his coach. I believe each player should strive to become better on and off the field. I am a believer that we need to be the best at what we can control- which is all related to effort. Your players will be treated with class and coached in a manner that is safe.

We will play hard, physical football. Yet we will play with class, by the rules, and respect our opponents. We will play as a TEAM, with the TEAM placed before individuals. We have high expectations, a growing tradition, and are proud to wear the Black, Red and White. GO SEA KINGS!

Academics: A constant in our program is the importance of academics. I feel it is the student-athlete’s responsibility to himself and his teammates to obtain the best GPA possible. Football requires a lot of time, and managing time is one of many great lessons learned playing sports. Research still suggests that those who participate in extra-curricular activities do better in school on average than those that do not.
I do not think it is appropriate for players to miss practice because of school work, especially if that work was to be done at an earlier date. It is their responsibility to manage their time appropriately. I understand that some individual circumstances would excuse this (illness, emergency, etc.) But, if a student has a “heavy” workload this week, and decides that he can’t go to practice because of it, that is his choice. But 49 other players are competing for spots to play, and they turned in their work on time. Absences of this nature will result in decreased playing time for that individual.

Player/Coach/Parent Communication: If you have a concern regarding finances, dates, schedules, academics, your child’s health and well being, behavior, or ways to help your child improve, you may contact me or other coaches by calling the following numbers. If no one is in the office, we will get back to you as soon as possible. We can also arrange for a meeting if needed, just leave the available times and we will set one up.

Football Coaches Office: 310-378-8174 Ext. 290
Coach Gardner’s email: [email protected]

Playing time, team strategy, and play calling are topics to be left to the discretion of the coaches and are not up for discussion. In high school athletics, playing time is no longer a guarantee, and this is sometimes difficult for players or parents to accept. Our program comes from a TEAM-based philosophy in which decisions are based on what is best for the TEAM. Attendance, work ethic, character, and ability are key ingredients to increased chances of “playing time”. However, we feel all players have a valuable role in making this TEAM the best it can be. ( see Philosophy)

PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONFRONT A COACH RIGHT BEFORE, DURING, OR AFTER A PRACTICE OR GAME. This atmosphere is not conducive for promoting resolutions. Please schedule an appointment through the given phone numbers.

Coaching Staff

Varsity/JV Staff
Guy Gardner - Head Coach
Kevin Neal - Defensive Coordinator
Dominic Morris - Running Backs and Special Teams Coordinator
Francesco Vaccaro - Offensive Line and Run Game Coordinator
David Davis - Defensive Line
Andrew Bucklin - Defensive Line
Jeff Lulejian, Jr- JV Defensive Coordinator and Linebackers
Thomas Tabor- Defensive Backs
Jackson Berger - Linebackers
Geoff Lowe - Quarterbacks and Passing Game Coordinator
Tecia Barton - JV Coach; Varsity and JV Receivers

Freshmen Staff
Tommy Draffen - Head Coach
Larry Olson - Assistant
Tommy Webster - Assistant
Will Boss - Assistant Coach
Justin Martz- Offensive and Defensive Lines

Team Mom
Courtney Klink

Athletic Trainers
Julie Bolduc
Marissa Salgado

Team Doctor
Dr. Bradley Thomas

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2015 SS-Western Division Finalists 2012 CIF-SS Northern Division Champions

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